Current Exhibitions 

Maloof Foundation Exhibitions are presented in the galleries within Jacobs Education Center,  the Pyramid Room and the Discovery Garden.


All exhibits open for FREE to the public

Hours for the Jacobs Education Center Gallery

Friday, 12:00pm - 2:00pm 

Saturday, 12:00pm - 2:00pm

Masks are required to enter the Jacobs Education Center Gallery and The Pyramid Room Gallery.


Metaphor, Myth, & Politics:

Art from Native Printmakers Exhibition

 Presents Captivating Works by Contemporary Native Artists

Jacobs Education Center Gallery

June 25, 2022 - October 29, 2022


            A new exhibition showcasing the vibrant printmaking of Native and Indigenous artists from around the world, Metaphor, Myth, & Politics: Art from Native Printmakers.  Featuring recent prints by Kenojuak Ashevak (Inuit), Marwin Begaye (Diné [Navajo]), Nicholas Galanin (Tlingit/Aleut), Wendy Red Star (Crow), C. Maxx Stevens (Seminole/Muscogee), and 24 other Native and Indigenous printmakers from across the globe, these inventive works reveal the diverse points of view and styles of art present in the world of contemporary Native printmaking.

Metaphor, Myth, & Politics: Art from Native Printmakers features 36 contemporary works on paper by 29 Native and Indigenous artists, all drawn from the collection of UC Davis’ C.N. Gorman Museum. Established early in the museum’s history, this unique collection has continued to expand over the years through the generosity of artists, in addition to the support of collectors and museum members. The museum has been honored to serve as a repository for several large print portfolios as well, organized by master printmaker and UC Boulder Professor Melanie Yazzie (Diné [Navajo]).

Exhibition Support

Traveling exhibition Metaphor, Myth, & Politics: Art from Native Printmakers is the product of a partnership between the C.N. Gorman Museum at UC Davis and Exhibit Envoy. 


About Exhibit Envoy

Exhibit Envoy provides traveling exhibitions and professional services to museums throughout California.  Exhibit Envoy’s mission is to provide institutions with diverse and meaningful traveling exhibitions to strengthen their communities. For more information, please visit

Radiant Owl by Kenojuak Ashevak, print

Kenojuak Ashevak (Inuit/Cape Dorset), Radiant Owl, 1996. Stonecut on rice paper.

Courtesy of the C.N. Gorman Museum, UC Davis.

enit by Wendy Red Star, print

Wendy Red Star (Apsáalooke [Crow]), enit, 2010. Lithograph with photographs printed on Rives BFK white and Moab entrada. Courtesy of the C.N. Gorman Museum, UC Davis.


Mu chemkal

Towük  Hiüvaniyüsn


We Are Still Here


Jacobs Education Center Gallery

June 25, 2022 - October 29, 2022

Featuring work by 6 contemporary California Indian Artists.

Samantha Johnson -Gabrieleño Tongva 

L. Frank Manriquez - Tongva, Ajachmem and Rarámuri

River Garza - Tongva

Weshoyot Alvitre - Tongva and Scottish

Gerald Clarke, Jr - Cahuilla

Cara Romero - Chemehuevi

BE36D6E6-2BFE-40BD-AC9B-168456812B60 (1).jpeg

River Garza (Tongva)

Breath of Ocean



L. Frank Manriquez (Tongva, Ajachmem and Raramuri)

The Moment 

Print on acrylic on Masonite


Jane Brucker
in the Pyramid Room

January 15 - December 30, 2022
Pyramid Room Gallery

Artist Jane Brucker selected three chairs using painted and fused glass elements from monumental work, Fragile Thoughts. This work is a tribute to Elizabeth Milbank Anderson, an early twentieth century philanthropist who championed healthcare, education, women's issues and the arts, and who spent her summers in California, attracted to its healthy climate.
Accompanying the three chairs are three works from her site specific series Bouquet and a selection of objects related to the domestic setting of the Maloof.


Jane Brucker,  Fragile Thoughts  (Medal of Honor chair)
Jane Brucker
Jane Brucker,  Memory Mirrors (Mother’s Mirrors)

Jane Brucker

Fragile Thoughts

(Medal of Honor chair)

Hand drawn portrait decal on fused glass, antique ribbon, antique chair


(Photograph by Kyle Mickelson)

Jane Brucker

(Photograph by Lorenzo Sisti)

Jane Brucker

Memory Mirrors (Mother’s Mirrors)

Sterling silver hand mirrors, rare woods


(Photograph by Brian Forrest)

Two new exhibits in the Maloof Discovery Garden

 June 2021 through April 2023

 Fridays & Saturdays

10:00 - 4:00


Matters of Gravity

Sculptures by Tanya Kovaleski and Martha Moran

Matters of Gravity presents the work of two very different sculptors grappling with gravity in very distinct ways.

Tanya Kovaleski’s dynamically engineered wooden  structures arch skyward in gravity-defying angles and curves,

all painted in bold colors.

Martha Moran’s rock stacks deal with mass and balance, rooted to the earth. Her Buddha Beach Maloof installation is an array of small rock stacks, inspired by Buddha Beach in Sedona, Arizona, a vortex spot filled with thousands of stacks.

Both artists are based in Ojai, California.

Kovaleski studied at UC Berkeley and Yale, Moran at College of Creative Studies at UCSB and UCLA.

Tanya Kovaleski outdoor sculpture

Tanya Kovaleski

Martha Moran, outdoor sculpture

Martha Moran

Co-creating with Nature

Sculptures by Sumi Foley

Sumi has been weaving big bird’s nests since 2019. She uses grapevines from the Maloof Garden,

Amy’s Farm and a neighbor’s garden.

“This process, making the nests from raw material from nature, teaches me to wait, be patient and take action when the time is right.  Each nest is a place to grow, take off, come back and rest when you need to.  We need these places, not only physically but also spiritually.”

The nests may be seen and enjoyed under the large oaks in the orchard garden area.

Born in Osaka, Japan, Sumi has been making fabric art for more than 30 years. She is creatively using small pieces of colored silk as pigment on canvas. The theme of her art is our true relationship as human beings with nature.

Sumi Foley, outdoor sculpture

Sumi Foley