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Demonstration Workshop

 How to Make A Guitar Using Rescued Wood

with Dennis Hays

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Demonstration Workshop:

How to Make A Guitar Using Rescued Wood

with Dennis Hays


No experience necessary for ages 18+.


2024 Dates

Saturday July 27th


11 am to 2 pm (there will be time after class to talk)

$100 per person

10 students per workshop


In this 3-hour demonstration workshop, the instructor shares his insights into crafting unique, artful guitars using found materials such as walnut, redwood, persimmon, eucalyptus, and orange wood. These instruments not only play beautifully and please the eye but also sell for thousands of dollars apiece.


Participants will:

Recognize Suitable Wood: Learn to identify how found wood salvaged from nature and other sources can be given new life in guitar making. Understand which woods are useful and where to find them.

Drying and Aging Wood: Explore simple, readily available methods for drying and aging wood, and learn how to determine when wood is ready for use.

Tools and Techniques: Get an overview of the common woodworking tools, forms, clamps, glues, and other materials needed to build your first guitar. Learn methods for bending, shaping, and joining the body, neck, fretboard, and bridge.

Decorative Inlay Work: Discover which locally grown wood species are suited for decorative inlay work, and learn techniques for planning, cutting, matching, gluing, and finishing.


You can live artfully with the Maloof!

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