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Maloof Workshop Demonstrations:

Woodworking Courses that Teach and Inspire


Maloof Workshop Reservations Limited Seating, 10 Per Class 

Larry White in Maloof insired woodwork demo

Learn from a Master!




with Larry White

For beginners, intermediate and advanced woodworkers Requires no participant tools or materials. 


Price: $100 per person /$90 for members

Dates: March 9

Time: 9 a.m. – 1 p.m.

This 4-hour demonstration class launches The Maloof’s newly reclaimed Upper Barn workshop, introducing experienced and aspiring woodworkers alike to the design, shaping and joinery techniques that Master Woodworker Larry White has used himself for more than fifty years.
Larry was Sam Maloof’s first full-time employee, hired while still in college, then worked alongside Sam for many years. Today, the workshop leader is a thoughtful, versatile, highly skilled designer, artist and sculptor with a lifetime of woodworking lessons to share.
He has previously taught at Colorado’s renowned Anderson Ranch Arts Center and elsewhere, and has for several years led the Maloof Veterans Workshop serving both men and women.
Participants will:
• Find out what to look for in a piece of wood, and how to make the most of characteristics such as strength, grain, density, workability and more.
• Observe safe, efficient use of both hand- and power-tools including router, band saw and jointer/planer.
• Ask questions and seek advice from somebody who has been solving woodworking design and production problems for many years.
• Explore basic woodworking techniques, as well as the ideas, values, aesthetics and insights that inform—and transform—the making of beautiful works of wood and furniture art.
Participants must be 18 years or older
Dennis Hays in demo on how to make a guitar

Sustainable Woodworking!


with Dennis Hays


For beginners, intermediate and advanced woodworkers Requires no participant tools or materials.

Price: $100 per person/$90 for members

Dates: Please check back for 2019 dates

Time: 9 a.m – 1 p.m.


As a young man, Dennis Hays met Sam Maloof, whose personal tour of the Maloof property and workshop, inspired his young visitor to try his own hand at woodworking— which quickly became a pillar of Dennis’ creative and professional life.
In addition to his work with cabinetry and furniture (which was featured in the Maloof’s California Wood Artist exhibition in 2016), Dennis began making guitars, through which he discovered his passion for working with rescued wood from nature and local urban forests.
In this demonstration workshop, the instructor shares what he’s learned about making artful, one-of-a-kind guitars from found materials including walnut, redwood, persimmon, eucalyptus and orange wood. The resulting instruments play well, please the eye and sell for thousands of dollars apiece.


Participants will:
• Learn to recognize how found wood salvaged from nature and elsewhere may be given new life in the making of a guitar. What woods are useful and where should you look?
• Explore simple, readily available methods for drying and aging of wood, and know when wood is ready for making.
• See which common woodworking tools, forms, clamps, glues and other materials it takes to build your first guitar—and learn methods for bending, shaping, joining the body, neck, fret board and bridge.
• Discover which locally grown wood species are suited to decorative inlay work, and learn techniques for planning, cutting, matching, gluing and finishing.
Participants must be 18 years or older
Jeremy Sullivan demo on woodturning
To everything, there is a season!


with Jeremy Sullivan


For beginners, intermediate and advanced woodworkers. Requires no participant tools or materials.


Price: $100 per person/$90 for members Dates: Keep checking for 2019 dates

Time: 9 a.m. – 1 p.m.


This 4-hour demonstration workshop introduces participants with minimal previous turning experience to the traditions, tools, materials, and techniques used in turning wood.


Taking inspiration from Maloof Collection turners such as Robert Stocksdale, Ed Moulthrop, David Ellsworth, and others, Jeremy also makes fine art wood boxes and vessels that you may have seen for sale at the Maloof Store, the Huntington Library gift shop, or elsewhere.


Participants will:


• Consider the look, feel and impact of curves—from Ferraris to fine furniture—and learn basic techniques for planning, drawing and executing turned wood objects in three dimensions, and how to set your work apart.


• Explore the simple distinction that Jeremy believes prevents most woodturners from becoming semiprofessionals who find an audience.


• Become acquainted with tools and equipment for turning, including a brief survey of lathe equipment, parts, function and selection. What kind of lathe and budget do you need to get started?


• Explore turning tools, including an introduction to basics of selection, sharpening and uses of different tools for different results.


• Consider characteristics of woods and their suitability for turning. How do grain, density and strength influence selection for various kinds of finished results.


• Observe techniques for achieving a variety of effects, including the finely turned finials that characterize Jeremy’s best-known work.

Participants must be 18 years or older

Some photos from the Inaugural Demonstration Workshop

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