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Intro to Chisels

With Martin Alexander

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Intro to Chisels

With Martin Alexander


No experience necessary for ages 18+.


2024 Dates

Saturday July 20th


11 am to 3 pm

$150 per person

Includes all materials and the use of the Maloof’s chisels and mallets.

 3 Students per workshop

Hand-cut joinery, shaping, and cutting out space for hardware all require handling a chisel. Become a chisel wizard with the ultimate cutting exercise: the Gottshall block! The challenge of the Gottshall block is to recreate the given image using only hand tools. Under the skillful guidance of Martin Hernandez, you will complete all layout using a pencil and combination square, and all cutting with only a chisel and a mallet.


Martin Alexander is an interdisciplinary crafts person with an emphasis in technical skill mastery and conceptual art.


What to Wear

Please wear comfortable clothing and close-toed shoes. Boots or sneakers are fine and long pants are preferable. Do not wear loose or baggy clothing and please tie back long hair. No dangly jewelry. Please note, this is a woodshop with no AC. 

This class is 4 hours long, students are welcome to bring snacks.


You can live artfully with the Maloof!

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