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Past Exhibitions

Maloof Foundation Exhibitions are presented in the galleries in the Jacobs Education Center and the Pyramid Room.


All exhibits open for FREE to the public - Friday and Saturday, 12-4 pm, or with custom tour.

Check Current Exhibits for a list of shows available for viewing now!



Larry White


November 19, 2022 - December 31, 2023

Jacobs Education Center Gallery

- Celebrating 50 years of creative endeavor -


Matters of Gravity

Sculptures by Tanya Kovaleski and Martha Moran

June 2021 through April 2023

Matters of Gravity presents the work of two very different sculptors grappling with gravity in very distinct ways.

Tanya Kovaleski’s dynamically engineered wooden  structures arch skyward in gravity-defying angles and curves,

all painted in bold colors.

Martha Moran’s rock stacks deal with mass and balance, rooted to the earth. Her Buddha Beach Maloof installation is an array of small rock stacks, inspired by Buddha Beach in Sedona, Arizona, a vortex spot filled with thousands of stacks.

Both artists are based in Ojai, California.

Kovaleski studied at UC Berkeley and Yale, Moran at College of Creative Studies at UCSB and UCLA.


Co-creating with Nature

Sculptures by Sumi Foley

June 2021 through April 2023

Sumi has been weaving big bird’s nests since 2019. She uses grapevines from the Maloof Garden,

Amy’s Farm and a neighbor’s garden.

“This process, making the nests from raw material from nature, teaches me to wait, be patient and take action when the time is right.  Each nest is a place to grow, take off, come back and rest when you need to.  We need these places, not only physically but also spiritually.”

The nests may be seen and enjoyed under the large oaks in the orchard garden area.

Born in Osaka, Japan, Sumi has been making fabric art for more than 30 years. She is creatively using small pieces of colored silk as pigment on canvas. The theme of her art is our true relationship as human beings with nature.

Metaphor, Myth, & Politics:

Art from Native Printmakers Exhibition

 Presents Captivating Works by Contemporary Native Artists

Jacobs Education Center Gallery

June 25, 2022 - October 29, 2022


            A new exhibition showcasing the vibrant printmaking of Native and Indigenous artists from around the world, Metaphor, Myth, & Politics: Art from Native Printmakers.  Featuring recent prints by Kenojuak Ashevak (Inuit), Marwin Begaye (Diné [Navajo]), Nicholas Galanin (Tlingit/Aleut), Wendy Red Star (Crow), C. Maxx Stevens (Seminole/Muscogee), and 24 other Native and Indigenous printmakers from across the globe, these inventive works reveal the diverse points of view and styles of art present in the world of contemporary Native printmaking.

Metaphor, Myth, & Politics: Art from Native Printmakers features 36 contemporary works on paper by 29 Native and Indigenous artists, all drawn from the collection of UC Davis’ C.N. Gorman Museum. Established early in the museum’s history, this unique collection has continued to expand over the years through the generosity of artists, in addition to the support of collectors and museum members. The museum has been honored to serve as a repository for several large print portfolios as well, organized by master printmaker and UC Boulder Professor Melanie Yazzie (Diné [Navajo]).

Exhibition Support

Traveling exhibition Metaphor, Myth, & Politics: Art from Native Printmakers is the product of a partnership between the C.N. Gorman Museum at UC Davis and Exhibit Envoy. 


About Exhibit Envoy

Exhibit Envoy provides traveling exhibitions and professional services to museums throughout California.  Exhibit Envoy’s mission is to provide institutions with diverse and meaningful traveling exhibitions to strengthen their communities. For more information, please visit

Kenojuak Ashevak (Inuit/Cape Dorset), Radiant Owl, 1996. Stonecut on rice paper.

Courtesy of the C.N. Gorman Museum, UC Davis.

Wendy Red Star (Apsáalooke [Crow]), enit, 2010. Lithograph with photographs printed on Rives BFK white and Moab entrada. Courtesy of the C.N. Gorman Museum, UC Davis.

River Garza (Tongva)

Breath of Ocean




Mu chemkal

Towük  Hiüvaniyüsn


We Are Still Here


Jacobs Education Center Gallery

June 25, 2022 - October 29, 2022

Featuring work by 6 contemporary California Indian Artists.

Samantha Johnson -Gabrieleño Tongva 

L. Frank Manriquez - Tongva, Ajachmem and Rarámuri

River Garza - Tongva

Weshoyot Alvitre - Tongva and Scottish

Gerald Clarke, Jr - Cahuilla

Cara Romero - Chemehuevi

L. Frank Manriquez (Tongva, Ajachmem and Raramuri)

The Moment 

Print on acrylic on Masonite


Jane Brucker
in the Pyramid Room

January 15 - December 30, 2022
Pyramid Room Gallery
Artist Jane Brucker selected three chairs using painted and fused glass elements from monumental work, Fragile Thoughts. This work is a tribute to Elizabeth Milbank Anderson, an early twentieth century philanthropist who championed healthcare, education, women's issues and the arts, and who spent her summers in California, attracted to its healthy climate.
Accompanying the three chairs are three works from her site specific series Bouquet and a selection of objects related to the domestic setting of the Maloof.

Jane Brucker

Fragile Thoughts

(Medal of Honor chair)

Hand drawn portrait decal on fused glass, antique ribbon, antique chair


(Photograph by Kyle Mickelson)

Jane Brucker

Memory Mirrors (Mother’s Mirrors)

Sterling silver hand mirrors, rare woods


(Photograph by Brian Forrest)

Gallery Text Artists Hands Logo BLK JPG 05062021.jpg

May 8, 2021 - December 18, 2021

Jacobs Education Center Gallery

A new exhibition featuring works by more than two dozen artists represented in the Maloof art collection. 

Artists' Hands will spotlight works selected from the collection to reflect the

Maloof's deep affinity for hand-crafted objects.

Featured artists include Maloof contemporaries

Bob Stocksdale, Kay Sekimachi, Harrison McIntosh, Susan Hertel, Laura Andreson and others.

Works by contemporary Inland Empire Artists include Glenn Grishkoff, Anne Seltzer, Jeremy Sullivan,

Gina Lawson-Eagan and Dan Romero.

Exhibit Information

February 1, 2020 - June 6, 2020

Beauty and the Beast: California Wildflowers and Climate Change

September 7, 2019 - December 7, 2019

Jacob Education Center Gallery


wildflower meadow_carson pass_eldorado n

Carson Pass, El Dorado National Forest Photograph by Rob Badger and Nita Winter

California Poppy_Ring Mt Open Space Pres

California Poppy (Eschscholzia californica) Photograph by Rob Badger and Nita Winter

Wildflowers Rolling Hills Detail w Yello

“50 Year Bloom” in Gorman

Photograph by Rob Badger and Nita Winter

This exhibition is arranged through:

Exhibit Envoy Logo.jpg


Flora from the Maloof Garden

Art by Pat Warner

September 7, 2019 - December 29, 2019

Jacobs Education Center Gallery



Pat Warner



Pat Warner

Matilija Poppy

Pat Warner

Join us on Saturday, September 7th

for a talk with artist Pat Warner to learn about her process and experiences with the Flora in the Maloof Garden

Time: Noon

Location: Jacobs Education Center Gallery

Date: Saturday, September 7th.

Explorations in Wood:

Selections from The Center for Art in Wood

March 3, 2019 - August 11, 2019

Jacobs Education Gallery Center

Opening Reception: Sunday, March 3, 2019 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm

The Explorations in Wood traveling exhibition is sponsored through a generous grant from The Henry Luce Foundation.

283 Stokes.jpg

Tim Stokes  

Double Cone/Sphere  

Black Walnut


716 Weidman.jpg

Derek Weidman


Box elder, pain


575 Hunter.jpg

William Hunter

Vallarta Shell



Images by John Carlano

288 David.jpg

Ron David

What to do with Albert's toothpicks if one has false teeth

Maytree, turned Japanese toothpicks


Closeup Elephant.jpg
Elephants in SF.jpg

wildLIFE Project

Wendy Maruyama

April 15, 2018  -  December 1, 2018

Jacobs Education Center Gallery

Opening Reception: Sunday, April 15, 2018 1:00 to 4:00 p.m.


Huge elephant masks and a life-size rhino carry
a timely message about the poaching of endangered species

Recent news about the declining health of the world’s last male northern white rhino brings new urgency to Wendy Maruyama’s wildLIFE Project exhibition, opening April 15, 2018 at the Sam and Alfreda Maloof Foundation for Arts and Crafts. The exhibition, which explores the poaching of endangered species, will be on view in the Jacobs Education Center gallery, April 15 through December 1, 2018. 

Maruyama worked with Houston Center for Contemporary Craft curator Elizabeth Koslowski to develop wildLIFE Project, with support from the Windgate Charitable Foundation. The exhibition comes to The Maloof after a five-city national tour, and with a timely twist: In previous installations, visitors saw the artist’s majestic eight- and twelve-foot high elephant masks made of wood and string, and related elements including a glass sarcophagus displaying ceramic elephants and a video program. For the run at The Maloof, Murayama has added a new sculpture of a life-size rhino, designed as a 3D computer model and fabricated using a robotic cutting machine.
Maruyama is thrilled with the added rhino.  “I had always wanted to make one but conceived of the idea after the exhibition took off.  The idea was on hold until I visited The Maloof’s gallery and thought to myself, that is going to look really great there! “
Maruyama has been making innovative work for more than 40 years. Known at The Maloof primarily as a gifted woodworker, and for her prior leadership of San Diego State University’s premier furniture design program, she has also built her reputation as a feminist and artist who defies easy categorization.

The monumental sculptures in wildLIFE Project demand equal attention. “I think when people see the immense size of these animals, they realize with sadness man’s capabilities of killing and eradicating species for monetary gain.  These animals could very well be extinct in 10 years if things don’t change. The West African Black Rhino is already extinct, and all the others are critically endangered.”
Though wildlife Project may seem to be a departure from some past exhibitions at The Maloof, it affirms the institution’s continuing exploration of issues involving sustainability and the environment, which are inextricably linked to the use and appreciation of wood as a natural resource.

Neo Native: Toward New Mythologies

June 4, 2017 - January 6, 2018

Jacobs Education Gallery Center

Opening Day Festivities: Sunday, June 4, 1:00 to 4:00 p.m.

Craig George Painting
Cara Romero Photo
Preston Singletary Basket

Neo Native: Toward New Mythologies


 More than forty works by eleven contemporary artists with North American tribal roots will be featured in this exhibition. Curator, Tony Abeyta has gathered an unprecedented array of paintings, photography, ceramics, glass, and mixed media installations to be on view in the Jacobs Education Center Gallery.  


The exhibition, made possible with support from the San Manuel Band of Mission Indians and others, seeks to share the vision of artists whose work is informed by traditions within tribal cultures, but whose themes express a newfound contemporary narrative.


"We are exploring ways that traditional forms and practices, iconography and ancestral mythologies influence the expression of contemporary Native artists' urbanity, modernity, technology and social priorities," said Abeyta.


Featured artists (and tribal affiliations) include:

Christi Belcourt (Metis), Gerald Clarke, Jr. (Cahuilla), Craig George (Navajo - Diné), Steven Paul Judd (Kiowa/Choctaw), Monty Little (Diné), Cannupa Hanska Luger (Arikara/Hidatsa/Mandan/Lakota), Kent Monkman (Cree),

Cara Romero (Chemehuevi), Diego Romero (Cochiti Pueblo), and Preston Singletary (Tlingit).


This exhibition runs June 4, 2017 - January 6, 2018 in the Jacobs Education Center Gallery. 


Images from left to right:

Deerdancer by Craig George, Water Memory by Cara Romero, Wolf Basket by Preston SIngletary

California Wood Artists

California Wood Artists:

Exhibition Featuring 39 Sculpture and Furniture Works  
October 2, 2016  - February 11, 2017

 Recent works by 39 artists from across the Golden State will be featured in the California Wood Artists exhibition opening October 2, 2016 at The Maloof. The exhibition, which runs through February 11, 2017, is part of Maloof Centennial 2016 programming that celebrates the life and legacy of renowned American woodworker Sam Maloof (1916-2009).
The exhibition and an accompanying catalog are made possible with support from the Windgate Foundation.

Other featured artists include (in alphabetical order): Beston Barnett, Erin Behling, Twiggy Chen, Chance Coalter, Reuben Foat, Sophie Glenn, Nathaniel Hall, Dennis Hays, Matthew Hebert, Asa Hillis, William Hunter, Christine Lee, Adam Manley, Laura Mays, Austin McAdams, Alison McLennan, Alexis Moran, Yvonne Mouser, Brian Newell, Christy Oates, Scott Oliver, Jonathan Parris, Steve Paulsen, Ed Rizzardi, Florian Roeper, Benjamin Saperstein, Kylle Sebree, Adrien Segal, Josh Smith, Jim Sowers, Jeremy Sullivan, Briana Trujillo and Adam Vorrath.

The Maloof is a Smithsonian Affiliate, and member of the National Trust’s Historic Artists’ Homes and Studios program. The Maloof Historic Home and Studio are listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The Maloof is located at 5131 Carnelian St., Rancho Cucamonga, CA.

California Wood Artists exhibition opens October 2, featuring 39 works including (left to right): “Acacia” chair by Chance Coalter; “PS3” table by Jennifer Anderson; “Sinuous Floor Lamp” by Marcus Papay. Photos © 2016 Sam and Alfreda Maloof Foundation for Arts and Crafts.



February 14, 2016 - August 27, 2016


Conceived as part of a year-long celebration of the Maloof Centennial, the exhibition will bring together more than 60 objects including examples of Maloof furniture, drawings, photographs, works of art, documents, video excerpts, ephemera and other items.
Although Maloof furniture has been displayed in dozens of exhibitions over the years at museum venues nationwide, no previous exhibition has been more ambitious in its efforts to chronicle Maloof’s lifelong journey as an artist and craftsperson. The exhibition will be organized thematically in four gallery spaces offering insights into Sam’s art, mentors, innovations and lasting impact. 
In the course of his career as a woodworker, which spanned more than half a century from 1949 till his passing in 2009 at age 93, Maloof produced more than 5,000 furniture works and was widely celebrated as the foremost American woodworker of his time.
The exhibition has been in development for almost three years and draws on the diverse perspectives of an experienced curatorial team. Key advisor for the project is Catherine Gudis, Associate Professor of History and Director of the Public History Program at University of California, Riverside. Maloof board member John Scott, who has previously curated seven exhibitions at The Maloof, has worked closely with exhibition designer John Fleeman of California State University, San Bernardino, to bring Sam’s story to life.

Artists represented in photo from top to bottom starting in the upper left:

Darrick Rasmussen; Jim Bassler; Victor de la Rosa; Katherine Gray;David Wulfeck; Aya Oki; Arline Fisch; Barbara Holmes; Geri Patterson-Kutras

California Handmade: State of the Arts

June 7, 2015 - January 2, 2016

Jacobs Education Center Gallery


Works by more than eighty visionary California artists will be featured in California Handmade: State of the Arts, an exhibition organized jointly by The Maloof Foundation and Craft in America. The ground breaking exhibition will bring together a diverse selection of recent works representing a wide range of materials, techniques, and perspectives.  


All of the artists are currently living and working on California, and many of their works draw upon uniquely California themes and images. The exhibition takes inspiration for the triennial California Design shows of the 1960's.  Emily Zaiden, director of Craft in America in Los Angeles, and John Scott of The Maloof serve as  co-curators of this exciting exhibition.

Craft At Play

Mar. 30 - Nov. 1, 2014


A celebration of arts and crafts whimsy from many cultures. We especially note the several prized objects from the Mingei International Museum of San Diego.

Sculpture in the Garden

May 4 - Jul. 10, 2014


Featuring more than fifty works of ceramic, metal, stone and other materials by some of California's finest working sculptors.


click for videos

"High School Ceramics" 

in the Pyramid Room April 5 - April 24, 2013

A group show featuring ceramics from high school students of the Chaffey Joint Union High School District.

With Strings Attached:

Art in the Craft of Sound

March 27- Oct 31, 2013

The Folk Music Center Museum in collaboration with The Maloof Foundation presents an exhibition featuring exquisite musical instruments from around the world with music stands crafted by master woodworker Sam Maloof.

Sculpture in the Garden 2016

May 1, 2016 -  October 29, 2016

OPENING RECEPTION: May 1, 2016 from 1:00 to 4:00pm

More than 60 California sculptors have their works on view in artist-selected locations the Maloof Discovery Garden and throughout the grounds.   


Above image of works by Lisa Reinerstson, Kristi Lippire, and William Catling.

Site to Studio #2

January 15 - February 14, 2015


Site to Studio #3

March 18 - April 15, 2017

Jacobs Education Gallery


Side-by-side paintings by twenty-four contemporary plein air artists capture the essence of local California settings and illustrate the artists' journeys from field studies to completed studio works.

Chaffey Joint Union High School District Student Art Exhibition

Pyramid Gallery

April 25 - May 15, 2015


Now in its third year, the annual Chaffey Joint Union High School District student art exhibition showcases works by students who have visited the Maloof home and gardens during this academic year and have made paintings, drawings, photographs, and ceramics in response to what they saw.

Betty Davenport Ford:

Capturing the Animal Spirit

May 4 - Nov. 1, 2014


Capturing the Animal Spirit honors the career of sculptor Betty Davenport Ford in an exhibition curated by the Claremont Museumof Art.


"My Maloof" 

Photography Exhibit


Nov 30 - Mar 29​, 2013

In the fall of 2013, students from Chaffey Joint Union High School District high schools and the Boys and Girls Club of Fontana visited the Maloof property, and took both 35mm and digital photographs of items and areas that inspired them.  Students then had the opportunity to work with program partner photography teacher Tara Cutts at Etiwanda High School to develop and process their photos.  



Tribal Passion:

The Art of Africa


July 14- Oct 27, 2013

Collection of West African Art from the Areas Ivory Coast, Mali, and Burkina Faso - inspired by the private collection of Sam and Beverly Maloof.


This exhibit was curated by the Maloof Teen Advisors under the supervision of Linda Apodaca, Maloof Registrar, and Rich Deely, Maloof Education Coordinator.   

Mi Punto de Vista :

Origins of Mexican Folk Art Weekend


October 20 - March 2, 2013

This exhibition focused on how Sam Maloof and SAMFAC first began the annual tradition of Mexican Folk Arts Weekend.


Mi Punto de Vista: Origins of Mexican Folk Art Weekend is the second student-designed and curated exhibition staged by SAMFAC in 2012.  

Site to Studio


Dec 15, 2012 - Feb 2, 2013

Exhibition of selected works from PAAR Plein Air Artists in the Jacobs Gallery


  • Opening Reception Jan 6, 1-4pm with awards given at 3pm.

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