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Welcome to the Maloof Digital Resource Collection located in the Pyramid Room

of Sam and Alfreda Maloof's Historic Home. 

The Maloof Digital Resource Collection offers the opportunity for scholars, museum professionals and researchers to view drawings, papers and furniture from the Maloof Collection and Archive.

The Maloof Digital Resource Collection is accessible by appointment only. 

Please complete the registration form prior to making an appointment.  Once you have completed the registration form, please email  for an appointment.

We suggest making your appointment at least 3 weeks in advance in order to give the staff ample time to research your request, more time may be needed depending on the nature of the request.

Use of the Maloof Digital Resource Collection:

  • The Maloof Digital Resource Collection is open to scholars and the general public; however, children are not permitted.

  • All researchers must sign and complete the Research Application Form, which can be downloaded here.  Please be as specific as possible in your request.

  • Researchers must produce some form of official identification.

  • Researchers are asked to lock up coats, briefcases, purses, backpacks and other personal belongings in the secure cloak room.

  • Food, drink, and ink pens are not allowed in the Maloof Digital Resource Collection.

  • Bottled water is allowed

  • All cell phones must be on silent or vibrate mode.  Please take any calls or conversations outside.

  • The use of personal computers is allowed.

  • Researchers may ask staff for photo copies.

  • Researchers may bring in pencils and paper for note taking.

  • Depending on the documents, item or object, photographs may be allowed. Please check with Archivist prior to taking photos.

  • Documents and/or objects are not to be removed from the Maloof Digital Resource Collection.

  • Permission to reproduce materials does not imply permission to publish or use this material for any purposes other than reference.  If you have specific questions about copyright restrictions, please consult staff


Care and Handling of Documents/Objects:

  • Please ensure that your hands are clean

  • Gloves will be provided for objects that are especially sensitive to damage from direct handling.

  • Handle all original items with care at all times

  • Do not disturb the orders of papers within a folder or file

  • Do not mark on any of the papers

The Maloof Foundation and Maloof Digital Resource Collection reserves the right to deny any requests.

Maloof  Digital Resource Collection

Located in the Pyramid Room

Temporarily Closed 

At this time we are unable to accept any requests.

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